After Dental Implant Restorations

Now that final restorations have been placed on your implants, it is very important to follow these recommendations to ensure their success.

  • Avoid using any tobacco products. Ideally, you should quit altogether because tobacco slows healing and increases the risk that your body will reject the implants. Tobacco is the leading cause of implant failure.
  • Avoid grinding and clenching your teeth because this can damage the implants and restorations. If grinding and clenching continue to be a problem, Dr. Hoffman may need to adjust the restorations and construct a custom-fit night guard.
  • To protect your implants and restorations, avoid chewing ice and other hard objects.
  • Brush and floss around your implants thoroughly but gently. Dr. Hoffman may recommend special floss, brushes, mouth rinses, or other cleaning aids to keep the area free of bacteria. Brush and floss your gums and natural teeth normally.
  • Take antibiotics or other medications as directed.

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