Advanced Technology

Dr. Hoffman also educates his patients by utilizing computers and large TV screens in each operatory which incorporate the use of radiographic digital imaging and Intraoral Camera technologies. These help enhance and improve your understanding and knowledge of your diagnosis.


For many years, dental X-rays traditionally involved having to run them through a machine to process the images and then holding them up to the light in order to read them. This method has been replaced by the most modern, advanced technology of taking X-rays using Radiographic Digital Imaging. This current method offers outstanding precision and clarity because the images are viewed on a large computer monitor. This system of imaging also decreases the exposure time at least 50 percent as compared to traditional radiographs.

Since dental radiographs are invaluable aids in diagnosing, treating, and maintaining dental health, digital imaging greatly improves our ability to detect cavities in between your teeth and determine existing level, quality, and health of bone supporting your teeth. Digital imaging also helps us retrieve other valuable diagnostic information such as the presence of cysts or tumors and assessing potential damage as a result of trauma.

This method of imaging now allows us to save and store patient images and enables us to rapidly transfer them to applicable specialists and insurance companies.


Another one of the latest technologies involving computers and TV screens that Dr. Hoffman utilizes is the intraoral camera. This camera is very small and allows for a faster and accurate diagnosis in particular situations because it enables our practice to see clear and precise images of your mouth, teeth, and gums. These well-defined, enlarged images show more minute details that may be overlooked by standard mirror examinations.

This method of imaging also allows our practice to save and store your images in our office computer. This permanent treatment record can be easily and quickly transferred or printed out for you, dental labs, applicable specialists, or insurance companies.

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